Jay Ajayi?

Is Jay still gonna be good? I have him and freeman and just wondering if I should trade him

I’m kinda in the same position… I’m just concerned about his long term health…

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legit like I guess his knees are a major concern. He doesn’t have any tissue and its just bone on bone rubbing if I’m correct?

That’s correct, but it was true last year too. Depends on what you can get, which this week might not be a ton. I’d probably hope for a big week and then try to sell high.

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I’m in the same boat. Would you guys trade him for Fournette and (Kelce or Cooks)?

I’m in the same boat and I wasn’t really a fan when he fell in my lap in the draft, but I think you need to hold him at least for this week.

Kelce cant trust cooks

I’d trade him for Fornette straight up. If you can get another usable piece, great.

If you can get either of those 2 for 1 yeah