Jay Ayayi/Eagles, Start him? I got no other Rbs to replace him with :(

Jay Ayayi is now with the eagles, his the only RB I have available along with Ingram for week 9, since Bell is on bye week. Do you think Ayayi will play this week? Im kinda of panicking now because im in 3rd place in a 12 team league. If he doesn’t play, I only have Ingram available, Cohen is on bye week as well. Im fucked! Please help!! I’m also having wide receiver problems since A. Thielen is on bye week.

My bench is the following

R. Wilson vs Redskins
L.Bell -BYE week
T. Cohen - BYE week
J. Doctson vs Seattle
A.Thielen - BYE week
C.Fleener - dropping him and picking V.Davis since i need him for week 10.

My Starting lineup

D.Watson -QB vs Colts
Ingram -RB vs Buccaneers
Ayayi -RB vs Broncos IF he plays
D.Parker - WR vs Raiders IF his healthy
D.Funchess -WR vs Falcons
T.Kelce -TE vs Cowboys
C.Kupp flex -WR vs Giants
J.Elliot -K vs Broncos
DEF- Bills vs Jets