Jaylen Samuels FAAB?

Looking at a bid in the $10-$15 range. Does this seem about right?

Planning on having a smaller go at Jordan Howard in case I miss Samuels. (Somewhere around the $5-$7 mark).

Scoring is STD.

My current RB’s are: Chubb, Carson, D. Freeman, C. Thompson & Ajayi.

Ajayi will be my drop. Doesn’t seem to be much interest from teams in signing him.

He is a seriously good handcuff in fantasy. I don’t think he is as involved as he was yesterday on a normal basis but Conner is injury prone so he’d be an instant rb1 if he went down

Cheers. Worth mentioning I’m 0-4 and would likely play Jordan Howard this week if I picked him up over Samuels…

I don’t think Jaylen samuels is worth 15 faab for what it is worth.

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Max I would bid is 7-9

I’m gonna go for Howard as I’d use this week