Jaylen Samuels or Mark Ingram

So who has a better shot at a big game? I had Miller last night and I’m needing some big points. Playing against Gurley.

Anyone want to weigh in?

I would go with Samuels just based on the volume… Ingram can easily get 50 yards and 2 tds any week but theres so many mouths to feed there… Samuels will have most of the work in the back field to himself … To me its a volume play and with Ben hurt they might check down all day so he doesnt have to strain his ribs … Thats how i see it anyways

I just switched him back in. I agree, and pretty sure it’s projected to be a high scoring game. Wish I didn’t have Ertz so I could put Samuels into TE with confidence. Ertz with Foles getting pressure all day by a Rams D should get lots of targets.

Yeah Vegas has a 49 1/2 point over under on that game… Pitts really needs the win to so I can see them trying to keep Brady off the field by controlling the clock and running more… I need a big game from Samuels so im in the same boat as you homeboy we can go down together lol