Jaylen Samuels or Zach Ertz

Do I go against Ertz and enable the Samuels TE hack!? Had Miller last night and I benched Damian Williams for Ingram as per Andy’s advice (Dammit) so I’m spiraling.

Take the Samuels TE hack…I think you have to in that predicament

Hard to bench Ertz and he’s had a couple of blow up games this year. Coin toss I say. Foles might limit Eagles offense so you might want to go with Samuels on scoring opportunities and hope that ends up being a back and forth game and NE doesn’t control the clock with some long drives. Foles also LOVES Ertz though.

Yeah? Even with Foles at QB getting pressure by the Rams? I figure he’s due a bunch of targets

My other option would be ingram if I sit Ertz and put Samuels at TE

Id leave Ertz in and start Samuels over Ingram at RB in that situation. Lots of people like having a MNF play though. There’s much less of a split between Samuels-Ridley (unless you think there is revenge game factor) than between Ingram and Kamara.

I’m doing just that. Thanks guys. Ingram has just a little boom or bust with all the mouths to feed in NO. I think Ertz is solid and Samuels will get a lot of work alone in the backfield.

You think Ridley will poach goal line again?

I wouldn’t over play it. He only got like 8 snaps last week. He was talking a big game about wanting to stick it to Patriots this week but I doubt they change his usage around it.

Man sorry about Ertz. TEs were horrible this week. Samuels did great. Hoping it don’t cost you.

Yep, lost last week. Had a whole lotta problems and my team kind of imploded. Michael Thomas didn’t show up, Lamar Miller getting hurt in the first quarter, Jameis Winston crapping the bed, Ertz somehow not getting more than 22 yards…Went down in flames, not sure there was much I could do. How’d you end up?

Edit: Had to come back to add the Rams D getting me 1 point. Fantasy football can really infuriate you sometimes, eh?

My Ertz team didn’t kill me but I only really won because I had Gurley and Cook. Not much from the others but fortunately lots of players had bad weeks.

Yeah, ff can be incredibly satisfying or infuriating .