Jaylen Samuels TE/RB?

Yahoo currently has Jaylen Samuels listed as a TE and RB, meaning that he can be started as a RB or TE. I currently have Trey Burton and Jordan Reed as my tight ends in a 1/2 PPR. If Bell doesn’t play is it worth starting Samuels as my TE?

Rofl. No. Just no.

Is that so crazy? He’ll be the #2 RB (if Bell is out) in the Steelers offense being put into the TE slot against the Brown’s? With Conner getting the start, I figure he’s certainly in for an increased work load, and feel like 10 total touches is certainly a possibility. Am I way off here? It seems like an interesting option.

He’s not going to start. Conner will start. And he won’t be put in as TE. There are 2 other Tes that will start ahead of him. This is you trying to be too smart, and coming out of the other end, looking stupid.

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Ok, easy digital warrior.

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Trying to save you from yourself man. It’s a foolish proposition. Fine to roster the fool if you want, but don’t outsmart yourself.