Jaylon Samuels RB/TE ...?

Think that designation will stick? I have the #1 waiver and need a TE, if it sticks, I would basically have a RB at TE position.

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I don’t think yahoo usually makes a designation of changing them until the end of the year. M. Colston had a WR-TE designation his entire rookie season.

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Cordarelle Patterson has a WR,RB designation now…but I dont think he had it at the beginning of the year

That’s adding, not taking away. Has Samuel lined up at TE this year?

I think the designated Patterson a RB now.

I hope it does! I’m in the same boat!

I hope so, too! Yahoo help provides some hope for me though with the following blurb when I googled Yahoo position eligibility.

About position eligibility in Fantasy Football

Position eligibility is determined by a player’s past participation and info our data provider collects from NFL teams. Our data provider makes the final decision (there’s no set criteria) on position eligibility including when a new position is added. If it’s determined that a player’s primary position has changed, then that player gains eligibility for the new position but won’t lose their original designation.

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Saw this on reddit the other day. Someone had a conversation with Yahoo customer care about this:

Replying To: @MrTraunt

Jaylen Samuels has had RB/TE position eligibility all season. If we made a change removing TE eligibility, it would not take effect until this evening, after most claims had been made. Not fair to change so late in the day or season. Samuels will remain an RB/TE in our game. -Alex B :football::basketball::baseball::ice_hockey:

Awesome! Its been real Njoku…