Jeepers Keepers

What up #FootClan,

I was lucky enough to bring home my first #FootClan Title last year and I want to keep the train rolling. Our league (.5 PPR) has 2 keepers and I’m locked in on keeping Ertz in the 10th round. Now I need to decide between Adams in the 3rd or Dion Lewis in the 9th. I’m leaning Adams because he has top 5 upside, but I think the value with Lewis is there even if he finishes as an RB2.

Help ya boy out please.

I like Lewis in the 9th.

i would much rather not keep Ertz, and then keep both adams and lewis. but, since you are locked in and its those 2 for the second spot, lewis has the value, and he is in the hardest position to find starters and depth at. which, both are in his range. he could either be a good starter for you, or a depth guy to play when you need him. and for a 9th, you dont spend much of anything to get him. adams, i really am tempted by over lewis. but WRs are far easier to find replacements for. guys that will be a viable in the 3rd round include (in a 12 man league 1/2 point per ADP):








thats a good list of players that can replace adams for the most part. the RBs in the 9th you can get to replace lewis with, are not nearly as appetizing as the WRs in the 3rd. i say go lewis.

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I’m definitely open to keeping Lewis and Adams and maybe trying to get Ertz in the 5th. I usually stream QB and TE but I kind of lucked into Ertz last year and I liked that I was able to “set it and forget it.” Our draft isn’t until Labor Day so I’m sure I’ll be going over 1000000 scenarios between now and then.

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