Jeff Wilson/Jaylen Samuels

I have a bye so I’m wondering if either of these are really worth picking up. It seems like they may just be spot starts end neither is a handcuff for me in any way.

I would otherwise pick up Riddick as a kerryon handcuff but even that doesnt seem like anything to use a waiver claim on during a bye week

Might be worth it to block someone else.

Good point. The team I’m likely going to play is by far the best team so if anything I’d prefer their opponent to get one of these guys and only have them for one week.

Rare circumstance where I won my division and the better team in the other division did not get a bye because of record

I’m pretty far back in the waiver order, thinking it might be best to let the 4 teams that are playing use their priority and i can save mine for next week

Then again, on the other hand, even if Connor does play this week, what about going forward? If PIT decides to rest Connor, Samuels is gonna be the “go-to”.

Conner is OUT.

I have a feeling for more than one week but we will see. They admitted ‘sprained ankle’ today after saying it wasn’t the ankle and it was a contusion last night so no telling what else they aren’t telling us. They stopped short of the dreaded high ankle sprain but I have a feeling that’s what it was looking at it.

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That was why I am asking. Why would PIT be resting players though when they will need to win against NE and NO

good info on the injury update, hadnt seen that. Sounds like Samuels is someone I should go after then.

LOL…true. Sorry…my bust…reckon I’m getting a little ahead of myself with this one. PIT’s got it at the moment, but…BAL has been coming on strong lately, and could very possibly end up with the LOCK. Sorry.

I’m going after Wilson but only because I can’t get Samuels. I can’t put in a claim on him since I dropped him for Ware. I have other flex options I can use. Cook looks pretty good this week and Wilson has a volume shot against Denver with Breida out.

I think it will be close, in my unbiased opinion. Steelers have the advantage because they tied the browns (never thought that would be a statement), but both have schedules of two favorable matchups and two not so favorable matchups.

yeah. Gonna be fun to watch the fight to the finish in this one!!! :grinning:

I learned my lesson last year. Never will I again not go after the best players available even if I do not need them in the playoffs.

Last year Robbie Gould was on fire. I left him alone in round 2. Sure enough, he scored 24 pts and I got beat by a kicker on fire. This year it looks like Rosas is on fire. I put in for the top waivers, likely won’t get them but I also put in for Rosas. Yes, I used a waiver on a kicker because I know I will likely not get the top RB’s or WR on waiver and no way in hell am I getting smoked by a kicker again. Maybe I will but it won’t be Rosas with his good kicking matchups like Gould last year.

I would maybe make it a blocking move, but probably not needed if you have the bye this week.

the team that is already stacked got these guys anways, waivers clear wednesday morning…

I put in a claim but didnt get either, the silver lining is that I am now #4 priority so should anything bizarre happen these weekend or week (see emmanuel sanders just tore his achiles) then I have a huge advantage going into the semifinal week.

These two losers won’t do anything. KC is now a RB committee. Wilson will get crushed this weekend. Go get Kenneth Dixon and blow everyone away. He was the STARTING RB before he went down and will be again. They would be fools not starting him after last weekend. They are not fools.

Now that you use data points like calling them losers I know what to do

Screw numbers. At this point in the season it is emotional. Numbers don’t mean anything. Who has the fire. All these RB’s in KC are worthless. They are not Hunt ok. They will suck but go grab one. Go ahead and see what happens. What will happen is Kelce and Mahommes running for his life. That is what will happen. Hunt fumbled on his first NFL carry and they threw him right back in. They threw him in for a reason. Everyone else sucks.

This thread is not about KC running backs

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LOL… @Nmahlman. TY…I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was shaking my head trying to figure out where KC came into play here. Samuels is with PIT, and Wilson is with SF. And neither of them play KC this week, or ROS. Not understanding why KC was mentioned. Obviously KC could come into play during the P/O’s…but…

Anyway…TY. LOL…thought I was missing something there.