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Jeff Wilson/Jaylen Samuels


It’s okay.

E has done this on the KC running back thread too so he has his bases covered. :stuck_out_tongue: He has convinced himself somehow that Ware actually PLAYED at some time in the regular season of Hunts rookie year so he must suck because he didn’t get put in after Hunt fumbled on his first NFL carry.

Fact is Ware being on IR and missing the whole year and them having nobody but a rookie to lean on is why they had to go with Hunt even after he fumbled. Ware healthy wasn’t Hunt level but he was the starter and if he had been healthy it probably would have taken Hunt several weeks to take over for a healthy Ware because that’s how Reid and most NFL coaches do business.

That’s the same thing that happens every year, just like Chubb this year for instance. The other two backs on K.C. weren’t even on the team last year. FWIW

Facts people… :slight_smile:


They are losers though. Afc leading lah-oo-sah-ers


So what’s the verdict on the post?


Hno one answered my question. Instead brought in their personal situations.


I said I was targeting Wilson only because I couldn’t Samuels. I figured you could gather from that both are worth picking up. Samuels could have value beyond this week as I am not certain Conner comes back after a week. Wilson I am not sure but I suspect Morris will be active this week. I think Wilson will be a fine ppr play though.

Riddick I also think is a good play and you would have your handcuff, TheoRiddickly. I didn’t see a request to rank them or anything but I would probably go Samuels-Riddick-Wilson ROS providing Breida returns and they shut down Kerryon the rest of the year.


Thanks. Yeah this was all before waivers and I probably should have mentioned that as well. I didnt get either but it doesnt really matter at this point. I might swoop riddick up before the game but right now I dont see any threat of someone taking him. I also had DJ and Lindsay and Ware so in a situation that Kerryon went down I would probably roll with those guys anyway.

Didnt mean to offend you, it was more the answers about picking up robbie gould hours after my waivers cleared that wasnt helping lol


No biggie. Not offended. I figured waivers was done obviously but wanted to give you more info just in case someone wasn’t picked up. You sound like you should be fine at RB.