Jefferson for Deebo & James Robinson (UPDATE for Hill or Henderson)

Was offered Deebo and Robinson for Jefferson – only problem is 1. Deebo is questionable right now, and 2. the guy in my league offering the trade already has Ekeler, Lamb, Kelce, and Kupp, all acquired through AWFUL trades where he is clearly taking advantage of others in the league, but for some reason, either they don’t see it, or they don’t care. But, not my business.

As long as Deebo is healthy, he has a great schedule and isn’t competing with anyone for touches, so could be a nice trade. I still would have Hill, Corey Davis, Christian Kirk, and Beasley.

I also have Jefferson and am holding out hope that the 2nd half is the better half for him. That being said the 1st half performances by Robinson and Deebo while mildly sporadic are top performances. In the same thought, can they continue to put up those numbers into the 2nd half of the season? The Strength of schedule is appealing for WR; easy with difficult sprinkled in. Robinson has Buf, Ind, La, on the horizon with Hou, Nyj, Ten as easier matchups to spot start. depending on your RB could be slightly more beneficial for you but it is a tough call


I am also holding out hope! And am not totally convinced about the second half of their season, idk. I have swift, henderson, and jones as my RBs so robinson isn’t as appealing to me except on those weeks where on is injured/just has an awful match up.

He reached out and changed his trade to Deebo for either Jefferson, Hill, or Henderson. I am not giving up Hill. And I also prefer not to give up Henderson – he’s a workhorse and I have to keep my RBs).

Yeah, I personally wouldn’t but I don’t think anyone can blame you for maybe giving up Jefferson for Deebo. Also means the trader expects Jefferson to have a better 2nd half though.

I don’t think his production is sustainable, so I think I’m going to gamble on Jefferson. And I was mildly offended he thought I would trade him Hill for Deebo lol

Yeah, No kidding would almost counter with Kupp for someone you could afford to lose just to troll them. That being said if you operate with the mindset of “the worst they could say is No” then any trade is worth tossing out there even if it makes you both chuckle

Good point! I actually laughed out loud when I read your message just now.

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