Jefferson or Chubb in Flex?!

Stuck with a tough decision, standard scoring here and unsure of who to start in my flex because of match-ups :

RB1 Kamara, RB2 A. Jones
WR1 Thielen, WR2 K. Allen
Flex : Chubb/Jefferson

Traditionally I love the triple stack of RBs in standard scoring, but the ravens matchup kinda scaring me… Jefferson has been on fire and TB pass defense has been bleeding points. Just gonna be tough putting Chubb on the bench… Recommendations anyone?!

Thanks guys :call_me_hand:

You have some good options. I too have Allen, Jefferson and Chubb. I think it comes down to what you need to win - a safe floor or upside. If the former Chubb, the latter Jefferson.

At this point Jefferson is right there with Thielen foe WR1.

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It’s such a tough decision. It feels like both Chubb & Jefferson hold tremendous upside , either one can rip off a big TD at any given moment. My opponent has Wilson-DK stack, Adams, J. Taylor, Montgomery, Drake, and Kelce. I got lucky with CMC likely being inactive. Might have to go with the upside play of Jefferson because of matchup but we’ll see… Thanks for the insight brotha, good luck.