Jefferson or McLaurin ROS?

I’m thinking of trading Drake for one of these guys straight up. Which one should it be?

If full PPR, I lean McLaurin. He IS the WAS pass offense. He sees lots of volume.

Jefferson has the higher upside, but McLaurin has the safer floor.

Jefferson has proved to have very high upside, but Scary F1 Terry MC is the safer pick.

My thoughts precisely.

@dcwhite11 @recespieces31 Thanks guys. I was leaning Terry for that reason and because I’ve just been a fan of his since his college days. My heart wants him on my team :joy:

The only problem I anticipate is that the McLaurin owner doesn’t ever seem to want to trade anyone. If he won’t, should I then try for Jefferson, who I’ve already traded with once? Or should I try to throw in someone else for McLaurin? The Candidates would be DJ Moore or Lev Bell but I feel like that’s to much. I feel like Drake straight up for Jefferson is better than Drake+ someone else for McLaurin.

The Eckeler owner DROPPED him and somehow I managed to grab him with my remaining FAAB. So my RBs are Robinson, CEH, Drake, DJ, Bell, and Eckeler. At this point I think it’s time to sell Drake for sure.

Packaging Bell might seal the deal, but his value is unknown so you won’t know if you gave up too much for a couple weeks - not sure how i’d like that weighing on me lol.

How about the Travis Fulgham owner? He can probably be gotten for cheap depending on how much FAAB was spent on him, and he’s coming off a mediocre game. Not sure how teams overlooked Fulgham, he’s 6’2 with good hands and great body control. Now he’s the #1 receiver for Wentz who just threw for 360 yards.

Who would you give for Fulgham? Bell?

Also I just happened to grab Wentz last night. Didn’t play him, but his recent performances have me thinking I may finally have a decent Dak replacement.

Yeah i would offer Bell for fulgham in a heartbeat, but i doubt they would go for it. If i needed a WR i would ship Drake for Fulgham :man_shrugging:

Would you prefer Fulgham over Jefferson?