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Jeffery & A Jones on Waivers... who to drop?


Standard league…

RBs: Kamara, Ajayi, Powell, Howard, Lindsay, Mixon
WRs: Adams, Juju, Baldwin, Kupp, Watkins, Enunwa


Drop powell + watkins.


Is it injury concerns with Watkins? Or targets? I worry that Enunwa is just on a worse offense…


Adams is WR1 of Rodgers led offense
JuJu is a target hog of Steelers who will be throwing the ball a crapload
Baldwin was also in my consideration but at least he’s healthy and contribute.
Kupp is the top red zone target on his team and top 3 in the NFL and is part of the leagues best passing offense
Enunwa leads his team with like close to 30% market share

Watkins has injury concerns but also just overflow of weapons on the team. Give me volume over everything else. Enunwa’s volume share is much safer than watkins. I want target hogs, even if they are on bad teams which is why I’ve been shouting buy on Corey davis since season started.


Yep, appreciate the feedback. Affirmed my thoughts as well.