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Jeffery for Kamara


Not sure what I want to do so I need some advice. Was offered Jeffery for Kamara straight up and I’m not sure if I should do it. It’s half-point PPR and my other RB’s are Hunt, Freeman, Anderson, J-Stew and Kelley. My other WR’s are M. Thomas, Hopkins, Diggs, Garcon and Ammendola. I love Kamara but he’s nothing more than a flex for me and I have Jeffery in two other leagues and he’s steady but he caps out at like 9 points every week. If I do the deal I can flip Jeffery for Gilly or Monty. What’re your thoughts?


I would do that, and I would not trade him for GIlly in any world. I would take every single RB on your roster over GIlly to be honest. I would just keep Jeffrey for a flex play or a plyg in for Hopkins this week.