Jeffery or Cohen?

I have Jordy Nelson/Davante Parker at WR and Devonta Freeman/Carlos Hyde at RB.
Would you play Alshon Jeffery or Tarik Cohen at Flex?
Standard scoring

I lean Cohen in this matchup. I think Chicago really likes Cohen and he is always one play away from breaking free.

I’d go Alshon.

Cohen does have that big play ability, so if you’re the underdog in the match up I could see going Cohen and hoping for a big play. But if you’re favored to win, I think Alshon is safer.

Jeffery in my opinion

I drafted Jeffery as a “stud” and tend to play by the rule of playing your studs. So leaning Alshon, but always worried about him getting shadowed and not seeing targets while Cohen has been received regular looks…