Jeremy Hill or Ekler .5 ppr

Idk which rb to stash

Jeremy Hill

Ekeler. He only needs one injury to be relevant and still plays some anyways. Trying to pin the top Patriot RB each week is like playing Russian Roulette.

If you ever have to ask yourself the question Ekeler or X. As long as X isn’t a completely pleb who isn’t a top 200 player, the answer is always X.

Gordon could get injured, and Ekeler would still just be a scat back. He is not a 3 down back. Never will be. To think otherwise, is a joke.

Hill doesn’t need any injuries to be relevant. If he steps into Gillislee role from early last year, he will be valuable until Michel returns.

hill. the pats got him for a reason. prob to fill gileslie spot for goal line work. sounds like the colts are just waiting for mack to be healthy before they give him the job.