Jeremy Hill

What do you think the chances are that Jeremy Hill makes the Pats roster and if so what will be his snap count? No one seems to think he will succeed

Coming from a diehard Pats fan…who the hell knows. Even if he makes the team, it’s not unlike Bill to keep him inactive for weeks. My guess he’s trying to create competion for Gillislee. And then on the other hand Bill will take another teams leftover and create a scheme to make them look like a superstar for the league min. I think it will be Burkhead, White, Gillislee on the goal line. Sorry if this doesn’t help you.

Productive rookie season. Mixon shakes things up post Hue, Hill goes to IR doesn’t get another chance. While I’d advocate that yes he is direct competition for Gillislee, Gillislee’s production always came as a secondary back w/ theoretical upside as a starter. Hill’s production came as a lead back. If the tone of the text doesn’t ‘show’ I’m pro Hill. Even when he wasn’t putting up yardage, in fact his yardage decreased, Hill being counted on at the goal line, where Billy B loves to pound the rock if he has a back that can get it done, was never the issue. He’s my favorite sleeper. He’s also a sleeper that shouldn’t cost the bank, unless you run into a lunatic owner like myself, to acquire. We, the dynasty community, have been searching for Tom and Bill’s next “Blount” since Blount left and, just my opinion, but I think he’s the best bet thus far. G’luck!

Thanks for the input! I’m looking forward to see how that situation turns out. I would like to see him fantasy relavent again but with the Pats who knows.

I don’t think the backfield is a finished product. I expect then to draft an RB. I’d say Hill is the least likely back on the roster to make the roster or produce.

you know, i have managed to not get sucked into the patriots backfield drama, until last year. because i was so sure that gilly would end up being the guy. and boy was i happy… for like 2 weeks. here is my advice to everyone.


even if it feels like you ended up being right and youre having a great couple of games, it will go away. its just bills way of doing it. you think rex is doing big things this year? think again. yeah he will have big games, but i can all but lock it in for you. he will disappear when you need him the most. and since you will have no idea who he is going to go to next, you cant even handcuff them. the only reason to follow a NE RB, is for when they leave and go somewhere else, you will know what their skill set is. otherwise, its just not even worth it to buy into any of them.

Agreed, with one caveat: don’t buy in EARLY. Absolutely take a flier in the late rounds. It could pay off in a big way (see Blount, Legarrette and Lewis, Dion from the last two seasons). Both guys were late picks and likely won people titles.

thats a good point. later rounds, completely ok. those picks are for depth and fliers anyway.

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