Jerick McKinnon as RB2

Man this guys scares me, I see SO much risk with him. Who has drafted him and are you happy about it?

I’m picking 1st in a 12 team 1/2 PPR this Sunday, EVERY time it gets back to me in mocks I’m staring at him or Mixon in the 2nd. I’m not hyped about either.

I’d be fine playing McKinnon in my flex. If i have him as my RB2, I’m worried unless my WRs/TE are so stacked I can more than compensate.

I like WRs and Gronk in that range way more so I typically go that route but I would rather have Mixon over McKinnon by a country mile. McKinnon, just isn’t a good RB. Period.

I’ve drafted him a couple of times now and am very happy about it, but that’s because I’ve scooped him at the end of the 6th round because everyone is terrified of him. I would absolutely not take him at the end of the second.

The 2/3 swing isn’t great for rbs, although I don’t hate Mixon there. I’d probably be more inclined to grab 2 stud wrs unless Freeman or Howard fall, and worry about your rb2 at the 4/5.

Thanks for the input gents. WR/WR is likely what will happen. Occasionally Freeman or Howard falls, I’d be happy with either as my RB2. Live drafts are always crazy though, people can make poor choices when alcohol is involved.