Jerick McKinnon

this is a bit confusing? Isn’t this the exact opposite of what was coming out of San Fran this whole year?

I think everyone had questions as to his durability as a bell cow but I thought that’s what he was picked up to do

It’s what ALOT of posters have been saying about him and his current ADP in other threads.

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I thought about creating a Jerick McKinnon thread so between me, Mike, DM, and betkingz could stop hijacking every post that had a mention of him… LOL

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Take it with a grain of salt; this guy’s an ESPN contributor so he’s paid to get clicks, and being negative about anyone who got big money is a surefire way to get clicks…

I think there’s some truth to the idea that McKinnon hasn’t proven anything in his career yet his fanboys are anointing him the next best back, and I’m not willing to get caught up in the mania, but there’s also the fact that he was brought in for a reason and he’ll be given an opportunity first… at that point we’ll know.

People are NUTS to take this dude in the second rd! HypeTrain is full steam ahead on this guy. Don’t buy into. Fade him.


I’ve been trying to tell you guys.

Anyone remember when Travis Henry went to the Denver Broncos years back? Because of Denver’s famous blocking schemes (brutal cut back blocks lol) Henry was slated to be a stud that year. People were taking him in the first round even… 691 yards later and people were scratching their heads. That’s what McKinnon reminds me of…

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yeah… i know it’s preseason but last night he put up -4 yards on like 4 carries lol

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Not that surprising if it’s true, agree with the above that as a writer you need clicks and this is a good way to do it. But… 2nd round for him given the fact he has sky high bust risk, no thanks i want nothing to do with him.
If he turns out to be fine after his knock you’re better off getting the far more known and reliable players over McKinnon and taking a shot on Breida in the 11th or 12th round. Worst case are he has too little timeshare to be of value and you drop him after a couple of weeks, no risk there and best case he takes enough work to be a Coleman type guy or better if McKinnon gets hurt. I’d rather take my high risk high reward players later and lock up proven quality in my opening 5/6 rounds, some of the players left on the board after McKinnon are ludicrous

Guessing the hype train will slow a bit with Morris there now to vulture some goaline, and assuming he clears the MRI it will serve a reminder that he is a smaller back who does the get the injury bug

McKinnon not a goalline back? Shocker, who would’ve guessed…:thinking:

Honestly, with Morris there, I am not even touching McKinnon in the 4th round. Morris is arguably a better pure runner than McKinnon.

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Haha exactly go figure, I glad he’s signed so It makes convincing my friends on his value being way too high a lot easier!

Agree if he falls and falls sure I’ll take him but not in the first 4 at least

Don’t be shocked if Morris gets more carries.


Makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better about trading McKinnon away for Hunt in a keeper league LOL