Jerick Mickinnon keeper value

Where do you see the value of Mickinnon in a 10 team, 10 keeper league? And is it crazy to take him in a mixed draft at the 1.05? I have the 1.01 1.05 and 1.09 picks. Thanks in advance FootClan!

personally i would think yes it would be crazy to take him 1.05

a full round ahead of his ADP. Think he has been going 2.05-2.08

I’ll put it this way. I wouldn’t take him in redraft before the 3rd round, and honestly I would have a hard time taking him there. The hype is out of control for a player who’s never shown himself to be more than a mediocre, committee RB.

Are you guys keeping players for their original round value or straight up for your first 10 picks? If it’s the latter then it would be good to know what other options there are out there. In our similar league (12man, 10 keepers for original round value) only 2 guys won’t be keeping their 1st round choices. 1.01 will be Shaquon ofc, and the 1.07 (2nd overall) will probably be Guice or Penny.

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We can keep any 10 players we choose doesn’t matter where we drafted them. And this is not a start up I should have specified that in my original post.

So with 100 players already off the board he’s somehow still available. Who else besides the rookies is available? Cause assuming Shaquon, Guice and Penny will be the top 3 rookies, I’d easily take him at 1.05 if no-one else of note is available.

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Well draft wise I’d expect mine to go
2. Guice
4. Royce freeman or Sony Michael
So there would be Sony Michael/Royce freeman, Ronald jones, Chris ivory, Kenneth Dixon, Robert Turbin, and jerrick mickinnon still available. So to me it’s feels like mickinnon is my choice; thanks for the feedback Meloku.

I’d even consider McKinnon over Penny or Guice tbh. At 1.05 it feels like its a no brainer

I think McKinnon over either of those guys is crazy.

DFWB why do you feel like that is crazy (keeping in mind a 10 player keeper format)? I mean I like Guice but he won’t get much if any third down work with Chris Thompson there and in games where they are playing from behind Guice could be phased out. And I just don’t know how how to feel about Penny but it isn’t very positive.

Mainly because we have a lot of evidence that McKinnon just isn’t a particularly good NFL running back. Years of evidence.

I also think assuming Guice won’t get passing down work because of Chris Thompson is assuming quite a lot. Thompson is coming of yet another major injury and there’s no guarantee that he plays early and and guarantee that he’s the same player and he’s shown no ability to stay on the field.

Fair points I can see that point of view, but I won’t get a shot at them anyhow so it really becomes do you like mickinnon over Sony Micheal or Royce freeman?

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Those are closer, but tbh, I’d still take those two as well. That may not be a popular opinion, but I just don’t have any confidence in McKinnon being more than he’s shown himself to be at all.

I own both in dynasty and can say for sure I wouldn’t trade either for McKinnon.