Jermaine Kearse for Keke Coutee?

I picked up Jermaine Kearse on waivers this morning and dropped Keke - dumb?
Kearse seems like a good stream for the next few weeks with Enunwa out.

Other WR’s:
Keenan Allen
Taylor Gabriel
Cooper Kupp
Marvin Jones

Sincerely - Waivers Remorse?

I traded Coutee and clement for OBJ, With that being said I think Coutee was gonna go back to being irrelevant, But I would’ve picked up Kearse as well because instead of an option 3 (Coutee) you have an option 1(kearse) so kearse is the better choice

Thanks for the quick and through response!

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Coutee is only relevant because fuller is having hamstring issues. Once they get to and past their bye week he will be irrelevant. I would go with Kearse down the stretch.

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