Jermaine Kearse ranked WR 48

The guys have been talking up Jermaine Kearse on their articals and podcast but they have him ranked down at 48 behind many other options on my waiver wire.
I was thinking of dropping Taylor Gabriel for Kearse but then seen he is ranked 31.
Why all the pushing of Kearse and then ranking him so low?

Because Kearse EMERGED because of all the injuries to the Jets WR , Where as Gabriel has been highlighted in the Bears offense as a good WR and versatile one, Kearse could blow up and beat Gabriel this week only because he’s in the “Only WR to throw to” category

Kearse is big ticket for now because he fills a void due to injury. Gabriel has been more involved and has been explosive with his touches. I like them both, but IDK if it’s worth dropping Gabriel for a 4 week rental because Gabriel has been trending to be very productive ROS.