Jesse James Or OJ Howard?

I have njoku in a 12 man league.
Both are out there as well as ebron and dissly.
What bids should I put on these guys for faab as I do not trust njokus hands.
And what order do you like them in?

Howard. Not even close. Jesse James had a career game. He has been pretty garbage rest of his entire career. I don’t expect that to change soon. Also, has to compete with Vance McDonald when healthy.

I am personally bidding about 7-8 on Howard to land him. Not breaking the bank.


I’d rather have Howard big time

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I have a 9 dollar bid on howard now. And I don’t think it will fly. Should I up it if I think he’s will go for double digits or just stream?

I’m bidding 11 on him currently just to make sure I lock him up. But that’s cause dudes in that league are rostering 2 TEs so streaming is almost impossible and TE is really the only weak spot on my roster. So I’m fine with over spending a bit to get him. But end of the day, you need to temper expectations. There’s going to be weeks howard gets you like 2 catches for 30 yards. So don’t go blowing the bank.

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Mike did you get your howard bid? I followed suit and put in 11 and got him by 1 dollar. So thank you lol. I had him at 9 all night til we talked

Yep I got him. Overpaid by 6 but don’t really care.

Glad it worked out for you.

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