Jets defense scoring error?

The jets blocked a punt last night and intiially got the points for it but now it does not say they blocked a kick, even tho I watched it happen. Is this an error on yahoo’s part or did they actually decide that no points were awarded? Kind of a different question lol but don’t really know where else to find an answer.

I would check the scoring settings to make sure your league doesn’t have some weird scoring where you get nothing for that. But I would say that it’s probably an error and they typically do stat correction after the week is over. If they don’t correct it your commish can manually fix it.

The problem is that I played the jets defense and I am the commish so I don’t want to do anything sketchy. The league is set to give 2 points for a “blocked kick” however I’m not sure if that includes punts. Also it gave the points to me at first and then removed them later. Anyone in a ESPN or other league with the same scoring system get similar results or have something else to say?

So I would make sure to bring up the error to the league before changing anything to make everyone aware. I would also manually do the math on their points which will be a huge bitch to do for a defense. But that way you can make sure that A.) the points actually were excluded and should be there and B.) so you can prove the error to your league.

The points in my league for def are pretty simple, I would just have to assign the points for the score against them and then add a point per sack, and then add 2 for the blocked kick. Does blocking a punt generally count as blocking a kick in other leagues?

Blocked punts are 2 pts. The ESPN league that I’m in doesn’t have it there either.

So maybe it there was some technicality that made it not count or something I’m missing. I can’t imagine both servers got it wrong/made that error.
Any more info would still be helpful tho
Thanks everyone

The guy I was playing has the Jets so I had checked on this, the reason is that the ball crossed the line of scrimmage after it was blocked so it doesn’t get recorded as a block by the NFL. I’m sure that wasn’t caught initially so they issued the points and then retracted them.


Interesting. Did not know that was the rule. I feel like that doesn’t make sense since it’s a live ball. Like it should be a forced fumble or something at least. Or a fumble recovery. How is there no credit given to the defense making the play? Because it’s technically a Special Teams play, perhaps?

It’s not really a live ball, the defensive player that touches it behind the line of scrimmage doesn’t count as the receiving team having touched the ball, the Browns couldn’t have recovered it at that point.

Yeah, I guess that all makes sense then. More of a tipped ball if it goes past the line of scrimmage. I wonder if anyone on the Jets got return yardage from it in the Box Score.

No, the ball just goes out of bounds in the video (below), but all the sports outlets, including the NFL itself, are referring to it as a Blocked Punt, interestingly.

The Jets players bat the ball out of bounds (which was stupid on their part as it did give the Browns a chance to recover it), but the only relevant piece is that the ball crossed the line of scrimmage, as soon as that happened it wasn’t a block regardless of what happened next.

I can completely see why that would be the instant reaction from the people running the NFL Twitter account, but go to their stats page for the game, there are no recorded blocks and the rule is quite clear.|contentId%3A0ap3000000964572&tab=analyze

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This is interesting. Thanks for clearing it up. I was very confused and obviously wanted the points and thought I should have gotten them, but at least now I know that in fact the fantasy score is correct and changing the score would not be the proper course of action.

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Hopefully I don’t lose over this technicality haha

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