Jeudy or Gage

Who has a better long term upside this year? Jerry Jeudy or Russell Gage?

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I’d say Jeudy. I don’t think Gage is a special player. As long as Julio does not have an extended injury then Ridly and Jones will be the primary fantasy targets for that team.

When Sanu was on that team he had moments too. But they did not last forever.

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I dont think you can go wrong with either one.

Gage, even with Julio playing, is averaging 10 targets a game. Atl has a horrendous defense and will be a heavy passing attack due to negative game scripts. I can easily see Julio, Ridley, and Gage all having 1,000 yd season this year. However, make no mistake, Gage is the 3rd option in the offense, possibly the 4th option if Hurst is on fire.

Jeudy gets the benefit of being the #1 WR on the team now that Sutton is done for the year and will see a target increase. Den needs to throw to someone, all the targets cant go to Fant. As with Atl, Den will be in constant negative game scripts, so passing work will increase. The con for Jeudy is Lock is out and I dont think Den offense will be all that efficient.

Overall, both are good options with upside and some pitfalls. In picking one, I slightly lean Gage due to the fact I trust Matty Ice and the Atl offense more than I trust Driskel and Den offense.

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Thanks for your guys’s input! Both of you kind of touched on my dilemma. I know they’re both pretty even in outlook right now. Do I want to trust in Jeudy at a WR1 with a more than likely bad CB matchup weekly on a struggling Denver offense, or do I trust that Gage will continue to get his 10 targets a game and take advantage of good CB matchups?

This week, it looks like Julio is trending towards not playing. If Julio does not play, I would plug in Gage this week.

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