Jeudy or Slayton

With GIlmore testing positive for COVID-19 should I play Jeudy against NE or play Slayton against Dallas?

I’m leaning towards Jeudy as I don’t trust Jones.


I’m gonna say Slayton. He is due for a breakout game after these last few lackluster outings, and the porous Dallas defense might be the remedy. Yes NE won’t have Gilmore but that is still a tight secondary and Jeudy does not get nearly as much volume without Lock as Slayton does with Jones.

If Lock plays, then does that sway your opinion? I also have Tee Higgins that I can slot in for either.

So personally, I have been a believer in Slayton and think that this is where he turns things around. And there is no way Jones goes another game, let alone a divisional one, without slinging a TD. I am still going to stick with Slayton in that case because I think a breakout is coming and Drew Lock is still 50/50 which worries me about his ability to get the ball to Jeudy consistently. I would also consider the possibility of a run-heavy gameplan centered on Melvin Gordon (To ease drew back in). Still sticking with Slayton.

Bengals play the Ravens. I am not willing to risk the matchup here; I’m sitting Higgins.

Good advice! Thanks!

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