Jimmy G dynasty trade help

12 team .5ppr dynasty (1st year)

My team: 4th place
QB- Big Ben, Winston
WR- Evans, C Davis, Tate, Sutton, Kirk, MVS, Ross
RB- Barkley, Chubb, Miller, Penny, Foreman (IR)
TE- Gronk, Seals-Jones

His team: 1st place
QB- Mahomes, Jimmy G (IR)
WR- Ju-Ju, Godwin, Fitz, Jones Jr, Kupp (IR)
RB- Gurley, Coleman, R. Freeman, Collins

25 man roster so left out some of the depth

Current trade offer is

Kupp, Jimmy G, Freeman
Kirk, Sutton, Foreman

Who wins this trade, and is there any other player combinations that make more sense?

Is my WR depth enough to part with some young studs to chase Jimmy G in case big ben throws in the towel?