Jimmy G over Russell Wilson?

So hear me out, I know Wilson is the #1 qb. But I have him and the jaguars defense and don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I have jimmy g but what do you folks think I should do?

I’d grab a different Defense and play RWilson. Something I’ve learned this year that has burned me a few times when I’ve tried to play too cute is Start Your Studs

NEVER BENCH WILSON. His floor is just so high because of his legs. He has historically always heated up later in the season which has up until this point held true. The jags are a daunting matchup but Wilson is truly great. You don’t want to lose your game with Wilson going off on your bench.

My problem with streaming a defense this week is that the best defense available on waivers is browns defense and I think at that point would it be better to just start jags defense and russelwilson and hope for one of them to dominate the other and get me 20-30 points?

How many teams are in your league, what other defenses are sitting on waivers?

Start both dude. #1 QB and D start em both… most likely both will be acceptable and if not ones gonna be great which this year means 15 points easy and the other isn’t so you’re in good shape. Calm your mind and start both my dude

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It’s a 12 team standard and the defenses in my league are cleveland, Indianapolis, and jets. I picked up titans just in case but I think I’m gonna start my studs and just start both Wilson and Jags Defense

Yeah do that I think it gives you the best shot but if you must play a defense other than the jags I would go with the jets because their defense is actually respectable and the broncos are an absolute dumpster fire.

If Ramsey sits, I’m rolling out Wilson. I have Kizer on my bench, and not afraid to start him in a 2 week fantasy round playoff. GB is decimated in the secondary. Literally have one CB left in Randall. I’ve rode Wilson all year, but his history on the road vs good defenses is not for me. He hasn’t played a defense even remotely close to JAX all year.
Now as far as Jimmy G, he struggled in the redzone last week. I think they ended up kicking like 4 or 5 field goals. I’d be a little cautious with him.

I get that people are afraid of the Jags because the talking heads are talking about how few fantasy points per game they give up. But who have they played? What elite QBs have they stopped? These are the QBs they played - Savage, Mariota, Flacco, McCown, Big Ben, Goff, Jacoby, Dalton, Rivers, Kizer, Gabbert and Jacoby again…pretty weak set.

Rivers, Goff and Big Ben might be the only upper tier QBs and Rivers had a top-15 game, Goff was mid-tier and Big Ben was in the midst of his poor run. Heck, Gabbert had a top-15 game against them.

I think Wilson is still a top-5 play.

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