Jimmy Garoppolo for Kroft & Funchess Trade? Yay or Nay

I have:

Tyrod Taylor

RB: Elliot, Mark Ingram, Duke Johnson, Forte
WR: Evans, Michael Thomas, Robby Anderson, Robert Woods

No really Good Def, or TE: currently using Griffin and 49ers this week.

U guys think this is a good trade for me?
to get a decent TE and good WR3
Trying to get weapons for playoffs.

haha absolutely. the 49ers are saying Garoppolo might not even play this year. I think that is doubtful but that is what their coach said today.


Yeah, I would take this trade in a heartbeat. Garoppolo, who is totally untested in the 49er’s system for Kroft and Funchess (who is set to get more volume with KB getting traded) is a steal!

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A+ trade. Think funchess will be upgraded to a WR2 with upside.

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He rejected it after new came that Jimmy G might not play this season, which is BS. They have to play him at least a couple of games. I do think he will play against the Giants.