Jimmy Graham on waiver wire

In a .5 ppr dynasty league. My other TEs are Austin Hooper and Dallas Goedert. Someone just dropped Jimmy Graham and I put in a request to get him that goes through tomorrow. Is he worth a pick up or am I overreacting?

I would def pick him up. Are you dropping someone to get him?

Ty Montgomery

He may not be worth it come season time, but right now he is worth a stash, especially since you can drop ty. It is expected that GB drafts a TE potentially in the 1st round. But if they dont, jimmy stays as their 1 and you will at least have him as a TD or bust guy playing for aaron rodgers and a new and more innovative HC.

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Where are you hearing first round TE for GB?

Not saying you’re or they’re wrong. Just curious. I would have thought Def or OL…

Just a few mocks i have see. I dont have a particular source or thing they for sure go 1st round TE. Usually going polite with their first pick, and then with their saints pick taking a TE. But yes they should focus on DEF or OL imo but i just know there is that chance cause it does make sense. A good blocking TE helps the line, and can be a weapon down field.

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Even if GB drafted a TE is there one good enough to take jimmys spot in this upcoming draft class?

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i wouldnt say take his spot, but hurt his value. jimmy is only going to really be worth it as a TD or bust guy more than likely. so if they get a rookie that gets his playing time, it might be enough to make him almost worthless to have. thats pure speculation but its possible.

but, there is one guy that i think could really hurt him if he shows up. TJ Hockenson. he is a solid blocker, huge at 6’5, and fast (for a TE) and kind of gives you that travis kelce vibe. he isnt as fluid in the hips so maybe just like a graham when he came out. only thing i might want is some weight on his frame but it isnt a deal breaker.

These are the names to know: