Jimmy Graham or Evan Engram

Jimmy Graham against the Atlanta Falcons Defense (Game is in Seattle) ? or Evan Engram against the Kansas City Cheifs (Game is at the Giants)? I know both TE’s are a good option, but I’m so torn.

That’s a good problem to have man!!! But if this helps I just had another topic that a Falcons fan replied to. I have Baldwin and graham. I benched baldwin at flex for Gordon and played graham at TE. He said that he thinks Graham will be the one to get the targets and do the damage against his falcons. Hope that helps.

Thank you for replying!

But that’s not really relevant because Graham plays for the Seahawks not the Falcons…

I would go with the guy who has home field advantage though granted it’s a touch call here.

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Even if they do pass to Julio a lot, that just helps your case for graham. If Julio scores then Wilson will pass a lot more. More passes means more chance it’ll go to graham. I may regret sitting Baldwin but I don’t care. Just a game and it’s all just guessing.

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You’re right, my bad. not sure what I was thinking.