Jk dobbins

I’ve been offered JK Dobbins for my 2022 first round pick and all of this year’s FAAB.
I’ve got a stacked team so I probably won’t get an early pick anyway.
Should I go for it?

If you’re punting this year already and looking forward to next, yeah, it’s worth consideration, but you said you have a stacked team so I don’t know why you’d want to give up on this season after Week 1.

You’ll need that FAAB if you want to remain competitive throughout the season.

There were question marks with Dobbin’s usage at the draft before he and Edwards were hurt. I wouldn’t get rid of this season’s FAAB for him. Try countering with less (30-50) if you really really want Dobbins.

But you’d be happy giving up a first rounder for him?
It’s a dynasty league by the way, probably obvious haha

This is a no for me. We’ve never really seen Dobbins be dominant, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll recover fully in terms of health and (potential) role. Just my opinion though

I wouldn’t give up a first round pick for him either. The running game will still go through Lamar. They will still have Edwards, Justice Hill and now Ty’son/Murray/Bell/my mother and whomever.