Joe Burrow Dynasty Trade Value

Own Joe Burrow in a 1QB PPR Dynasty League. Also look like I’ll be the owner of the 1.01 and 1.02 in the next draft. What’s Burrows Dynasty Trade Value and should I hold or flip for Fields / Lawrence?

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You can try to shop Burrow, but I would use that top pick on a top RB/WR (Hubbard, Etienne, Chase, Moore, etc.) since it is a 1 QB league. I don’t prioritize young QBs too often in my 1 QB dynasty league. I am sitting with Josh Allen, Teddy and D. Carr. I feel just fine going forward and focus on depth at the other positions. Hope this helps!


Maybe you can really cash in if a contender desperately needs a QB for his playoffs short before trade deadline…

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I agree with what you said. I’d shop Burrow and see what kind of position players you can get back in return. If it’s worth it, trade him away. But I hate using early 1st round picks in Dynasty on a QB. Burrow and Tua went late 1st round in our rookie draft this season. I’d probably hold Burrow and draft the top 2 skill players in next year’s rookie draft.