Joe Mixon 2018 thoughts?

Will Mixon achieve his way into the top 10 this year?

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He for sure has a chance to do that. Will get more work this year with Hill gone and should be quicker (lost some weight). Coach also wants to use him more.

That said, he has a pretty wide range of outcomes for me and could end up a mid RB 2.

The fellas are pretty high on him though.

I’m hoping he will. Like Bryan said above, I think he’ll do better than last year just because of the bigger workload and the fact that they want to run him more. With less mouths to feed and an improved O-line, I feel like he could be top 15 easily and could jump into the top 10 if he doesn’t screw it up.

I agree with @FlaccinOff. Top 15 is almost surely a lock, top 10 might be stretching it. RB is surprisingly deep this year in my opinion. After the elite 4, I think 5-20 could all produce top 10 numbers depending on how the chips fall.

My concern for him achieving the top 10 is his line and Dalton hasn’t scared any secondary. If they stack the box on him then I think too 15 is a stretch.
The o-line has improved and he has big potential. I’m having trouble believing the hype though but I want to believe.

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Top 10 will be hard. RB is surprisingly deep, all of a sudden, but I do think he has the talent to do it, and expect the situation to have improved a good bit.

Dalton wasn’t the issue, having no line was. There aren’t many QBs who can be effectice under constant pressure. It’s certainly no guarantee that they fixed it, but it’s nice to see that they at least tried.

Don’t get me wrong, Dalton certainly isn’t great. He’s a trailer, not a truck, but I think last year was about the worst case scenario.

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Mixon is top 10 talent wise; but, Marvin Lewis to running backs is what Jeff Fisher was to quarterbacks. I don’t see Mixon as top 10 unless he gets a new HC.

Meh, he was pretty good for Rudi Johnson and Cedric Benson. I think it’s more so that they’ve had a mediocre RB and a satellite back who was never going to be a 300 touch back as their only guys for the last few years.

You’re probably objectively right; I’ve just been burned by Marvin Lewis and I have built up a hatred of him lol.

Totally fair, haha.