Joe Mixon and J. Howard for Gurley

The Gurley owner traded Shady(to me) and also owned Marshawn Lynch. All he really has left is Aaron Jones. I’m debating sending him a trade proposal for Gurley. Mixon and Howard for him. My other RBs are Fournette, Shady, Nick Chubb, and for now TJ Yeldon.

Is this is a sound trade? Or am I trading too much? I don’t think I am but I wanna hear your thoughts.

I would do it. At this point you are basically trading Gurley for Mixon. I like Mixon, but Gurley is a league winner. I just don’t know what to think about Howard at this point.

This offer is a joke. If I got this in my inbox, I wouldn’t even respond.

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Really? I mean, if I owned Gurley I wouldn’t give him up for anything. I was just thinking about taking advantage of his lack of RBs. Then again, Gurley racks up the points for 2 RBs.

As a gurley owner, how does your offer benefit him? I’d rather start Gurley + Aaron Jones over Mixon and Howard every day of the week. Hell, i’d rather start gurley alone than Mixon + Howard.

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Ha! Touche

Howard hasn’t been worth starting in recent weeks unless he scores a TD, and he hasn’t scored many of those. If you’re trading with someone who thinks this is the new normal for Howard, he doesn’t have much trade value and they wouldn’t trade Gurley for Mixon.

Yes yes yes, you’re right. You’re all right.
It’s ridiculous.

I was just saying that it depends on how he views Howard and he would have to be pretty high on him. If that’s the case, you have a chance. But no, I don’t think you’re giving up too much in the offer : )

Okay okay- new plan new trade-

What do you think if I traded away Mixon and Landry for Kamara?

I still have
Tyler Boyd
Will Fuller
(I’d have to find another WR off waiver)
J. Howard

This owner said he probably agree to this trade, but you know, I wanna check with foot clan first

How could anyone with Gurley in their right mind trade under any circumstance for him? You could offer me your entire team and it would be insta-reject.

Oh yeah, true…it was a long shot.

But this Kamara proposal looks promising but I like Mixon’s rest of year schedule better.