Joe MIxon/CoreyDavis/Austin Ekeler for Mike Evans/Mark Ingram/Ronald Jones?

Thoughts? I need a WR2 badly and currently have Yeldon and Gurley as my other RBs.

My Roster:
QB: Rivers
RB: Gurley, Mixon, Yeldon, Ekeler
WR: Diggs, Davis, D. Thomas, Kirk, Callaway, Fitzgerald

His Roster:
QB: Luck
RB: Buck Allen, Shady Mccoy, Ingram, Cohen, L. Bell, Ronald Jones
WR: Baldwin, Mike Williams, Evans, Alshon Jeffery, Josh Gordon

I prefer the Mixon side of this.

I hate ROJO, don’t think he’s good / translates to NFL. I threw out a $2 bid on him last night just in case I’m wrong but I’m probably right. Not to mention tampa has no oline or run game or defense to speak of. Going to be very little good running scripts for them if any.

Ingram is nice but I don’t think what he did last week is representative of what’s to come going forward. I think it’ll be more like the last 4-5 games of 2017 season.

Evans has been great, have some reservations about him with winston back.

I’d much rather start Gurley/Mixon/Diggs/Davis than Gurley/Ingram/Diggs/Evans.

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