Joe Mixon Dynasty Trade

The 1.2 , Tyler Kroft and Austin Hooper for Joe Mixon and Kyle Rudolph?
I have Kamara, Howard, Dion Lewis and Tevin Coleman as my RB corp. Good trade?

Add a 2.10 to the joe Mixon and Rudolph side. Does that make a difference?

Are you giving or getting Mixon?

I will be getting Joe Mixon

That trade would make you solid at the RB position for the next 5-8 years. I’d do it no issue. Can’t see Kroft or Hooper coming close to where Rudolph is right now as well.

That’s pretty much how I see it. With the 1.2 as of right now I would be drafting Darrius Guise. How do you all hold in him in value in comparison to Mixon?

IMO, i would rather have the 1.02. That’s based off my belief that Guice (spell check) will be very good

Obviously it depends on where he lands. I’m sort of a doubter on Guice. Personally I’m in love with Nick Chubb. But if he goes to the right place, I’ll throw that out the window completely.

I believe Mixon is still extremely talented. The trade is fairly even to me but it’s all dependent on how you personally view the two backs since neither has much known about them

Appreciate the input guys went ahead and went through with the trade. And now I’ve immediately been offered a trade for Joe Mixon. I now have Kamara, Howard, Mixon, Coleman, and Dion Lewis. I was offered McCaffrey and the 1.06 for Mixon and Marquis Goodwin. What do you think?

Swap out Goodwin for Kupp

Apparently I’m the only one who feels this way on this forum but Mixon has everything possible to be a 3 down back and I like him as a player. I can’t say the same about CMC. Yeah the offense wasn’t great but do you really expect Cincy to just never address their O-line? They traded for Corey Glenn and have decent early draft capital to readdress the position even more. You saw towards the end of the year, Mixon was getting 20+ touches. He’s a top 10 dynasty back to me.