Joe mixon Elite?

Would keeping joe mixing as my keeper in the 4th round a bad idea?
Other options - Adam Thieland 9th round
Derrick Henry - 7th round

I wouldn’t keep Mixon. I am going to be in the minority, but I have to admit I wasn’t surprised by Mixon struggling with the Bungals offense. Suffice to say, unless he can prove he can do well in a dumpster fire offense, he is not worth keeping.

I just don’t think we should forget that 1. last year was his rookie year 2. their offensive line was atrocious (as was the offense in general) and 3. he was more or less apart of a committee until Jeremy HIll went down for good. In 3 of the final 5 games of the season he combined for 61 touches 259 yards and a TD and added 71 yards receiving. Elite is definitely not a word I would use for him just yet, but by getting rid of Jeremy Hill he’s going to get that much more opportunity. Cinci already said they wanted to use him as a bellcow. I’m assuming you don’t have to pick keepers just yet, so wait and see if they fix the offensive line issues.

Mixon in the 4th is fine. Thielen isn’t a bad deal in the 9th either. Depends which position you value more. Both of these options are good draft price.

I actually think all 3 are solid values, but Mixon would be my choice. There’s definitely concern about the offense, but as a wise man once said, we suck at predicting situations.

You’ll rarely go broke betting in talent and opportunity.

im of the same mind. i pounded that topic dead last year around this time. i never saw him as an elite guy, especially when he went to the bengals. i find his value to be far to high for my tastes. i would rather take henry in the 7th if you want an RB, and theilen in the 9th if you want a WR or the best value all around. so long as marvin lewis is there, i will never have faith in a bengals RB.

I like all those options at face value…but taking value into account, I think I would order them Theilen/Henry/Mixon.

Theilen: The WR outlook this year seems to be different than in years past. There’s going to be a bit of a premium on them, and a solid WR2 with WR1 upside in the 9th round is very good value. His ADP will probably be early 3rd, so a 9th round is very nice

Henry is probably going to be drafted too high for my liking. I don’t think he’s going to be the workhorse and get 300 carries or anything this year, and that’s based on what the Titans have historically done at RB. I think his ADP will be mid/late 3rd and I think he’s more of a 4th/5th round guy.

Mixon is really a 3rd/4th round pick, so you aren’t getting much value there.

I expect Mixon to go in the 2nd, by the time drafts are actually happening. If he’s a 4th rounder, the you’re right.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Mixon coming out and wasn’t too surprised with his struggles. That being said him in the 4th isn’t a bad deal at all but i think Thielen in the 9th is a better value. I won’t be surprised at a top 10 finish for Thielen even in standard leagues.

2nd round like just behind Freeman, Gordon? Because those two are probably early-mid 2nd rounders. Idk if his ADP will be that high, but maybe I’m wrong.

Thielen in the 9th is incredible value. You’re probably getting him 5 rounds later than his ADP will be this year.

I also think Thielen in the 9th round is great value. Mixon in the 4th is probably good value as I agree with some of the others that he probably goes in the 2nd round but its just not as much as what you are able to get with Thielen.

Mixon in the 4th is a little high for me, but given the drop between tier 1 and tier 2 RBs I might take a chance on his upside. I agree about waiting to see what Cin does with their O-line in the offseason.

I would take Thielen in the 9th round. He will more than likely be a 3rd round pick in the draft this year. You just can’t pass up on the great value.

while i agree that the value of thielen is FANTASTIC in the 9th, team building strategy can come into play here. and whats better than getting a 17-20 rushes a game RB (im assuming at least, no 3rd down thats dions job) in Derrick Henry? the value of a RB like that in the 7th is better in my mind, especially if he decides to go WR heavy early. Henrys ADP at this moment is also 3rd round just like adams. so overall round value is less, but depending on stratagies it could be a huge boon to take Henry instead.