Joe mixon for emmanuel sanders?

Ppr league

M thomas
T Hilton

I need a wr cause I’m not playing hilton ever again until luck is back

I would trade him for a receiver, but you might be able to find something a little bit more consistent than Sanders, so be patient and shop around, but if thats the best you can get I would still do it with your roster.

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Would you trade doug martin for keenan allen? I have corey davis and greg olsen on my bench, I think I will be okay down the road I just need a reliable play at wr. I’m 7-1 after this week.

No, Martin had 71 yards in a game they lost by two scores, his schedule seems pretty friendly to him, maybe you could combo hilton and mixon for a better WR, you don’t want to play hilton anyway and I don’t think Luck plays this year.