Joe mixon keep or drop?

Should I drop joe mixon?! I don’t need the wins right now, I’ll be in the playoffs but what’s the chances mixon comes back for fantasy playoffs. And will add major value in the playoffs?

As of right now he might be back for Week 15 but they also said he’d only miss one game when he was first hurt. So who knows. So for now we have to assume he’ll be available for semifinals.

Far as dropping him goes, who else do you have at RB?

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I have josh jacobs, Gibson, and Duke Johnson

I’d hold unless you have a need you can fill. Hopefully clarification on whether he’s back in time for fantasy playoffs comes soon.


Agreed, unless you absolutely have no choice or he’s declared out ROS, keep him on IR.

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We don’t have an IR spot in our 10 man league

Blues! Well, still keep him unless you have no other alternative.

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Yeah, keep unless you cannot spare the roster spot. Do you have Gio? I might try to make a move for him (assuming you are past your trade deadline). I would feel better keeping Mixon long term if you have you have a functional replacement at RB.

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