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Joe mixon or Christian mccafery?


In a standard dynasty format who would you rather have? A guy in Carolina with a for sure committee approach with tons of hype? Or mixon a for sure start with the ability to catch passes as well?


Mixon for the upside as long as he can stay out of the news in a negative way there is no reason why he couldn’t be the every down back in a few seasons. McCafery seems like he will always either be a compliment back or have another back there to be a complement.


I agree with sweetness34, I feel as though Mixon will stay out of the news in a negative way. Hill will be gone and Mixon will take the number 2 role but slowly slide into that number 1. I think by far he was the best back in the draft, just the negative things what ruined him.


I would certainly take McCaffery. The assessment of McCaffery, imo, is incorrect. McCaffery will be the number 1 option for years to come and there is no doubt about it. But you can’t go wrong with either in my opinion, McCaffery is the more talented back in a better situation with a better team. Also having a better quarterback in Cam gives him an advantage over Mixon bc Dalton is his QB


McCaffery. Reason being is J-Stew may only have a year left. Cam is coming off of surgery. Volume will be there. They didn’t take him as high in the draft as they did if they did not wanna give him the ball. Caff will see his touches out of the backfield, as well as catching the ball. Great longterm plan. As well as getting some production out of him this season. However, he may have a six point week, then reward you with 20 points the next.


I’d go Mixon. I think he takes over that backfield as soon as a few games, it’s pretty clear that Jeremy Hill isn’t the answer there. Numerous analysts have labeled him the best overall talent in that RB draft class and if it wasn’t for his ridiculous actions off the field things would have been very different.


For me, I’d take Mixon in a redraft or 1-year keeper but in a dynasty I’d take McCaffrey. My thinking is that Mixon is easily the more talented back but I would be super queasy taking a guy like that in dynasty. I fear that he will be an idiot and get suspended or screw his career up. McCaffrey to me is a guy who will be like a Danny Woodhead for years and years. Maybe not a #1 but a very reliable if unsexy #2/flex for a long time. I see Mixon as the type of guy who may have a huge year or two but flame out.


I just feel mccafery is to small to be that wow factor. I want the guy to succeed be idk. Thx for the advice guys I’ll take it all into consideration.


Did you watch him play?


Mixon’s tape is incredible. Hot take: his tape reminds me a TON of Lev Bell. That being said, opportunity trumps talent in fantasy football. I’m not saying that he won’t have the opportunity, but Cin. also has two very talented backs already in place. That makes me hesitant to buy the hype on him.

I think CM’s situation promises more opportunity with a back that also has excellent talent.


Mixon is the pick for me.

Cam is so impossible to figure out. At least you know what Cincy is trying to do on offense and there is a better track record of success with the run game. Plus Mixon is the more talented dude IMO.


i dont go either one. i can think of three rookie RBs i would take before them, but are going later than them.


Samaje, Cook, Hunt?


bingo bango. and shocking enough, cook is behind perine for me as well. cook is in a RB by committee situation, and perine really isnt. he will be the workhorse in no time at all. i kinda think the same for hunt, just maybe on a longer time table.


So one more qeustion 3rd overall in a rookie draft would you take Corey Davis or samaje perine?


corey davis. its a lot tougher than i thought it would be, but i pull that trigger simply because i have corey davis rated number 1 rookie. i would still take fournette over perine as well. but it would be a lot harder for me than most to do it. i mean it really comes down to this. perine is a fantastic power back who happened to land behind the 5th best run blocking O line in the league. put that together with a QB who is coming into his own, and an offense that gets a LOT of redzone looks… i mean he just has a perfect situation for himself.


Thanks buster you helped me out a lot man