Joe Mixon or Josh Jacobs ROS? Trade/Keep

My league is a half point ppr and I currently roster both Mixon and Jacobs.

Who do you like ROS?

If you had to keep one and trade the other who do you keep and who do you trade?Or do you keep both?

Current Rb’s-Mixon, Jacobs, Cook, Melvin Gordon, Mattison and Justin Jackson.
Current Wr’s- K.Allen, J.Jefferson, D.Parker, Ruggs, Shenault

Looking at trading for either A.Jones or C.Ridley.

Based on ROS schedule, I would trade Jacobs. Actually, that is what I did this past Sunday morning. I sent Jacobs and got J. Taylor & D. Parker in return. Know you already have Parker but it seemed like a fair trade. Not sure someone would go straight up with Jones and I think if you go Ridley you should get a bench RB3, at least, as part of the trade.

The guy that has both Ridley and Jones also has Tee Higgins and initially I was trying to get all three on my roster, but I don’t believe I have enough fire power from what I’m willing to give up to land those guys.

It would have to be something like A.Jones and Higgins, A.Jones and Ridley, or Ridley and Higgins.

Looking to give up something like Jacobs, M.Gordon and Keenan Allen.

The guy that wants to trade said he’s looking for an extra back.

So to me it kinda comes down to A.Jones or Ridley and which one do you think would help your team the most. Higgins would be a cherry on top