Joe Mixon or Royce Freeman

Royce Freeman’s ADP is creeping up to a position where if you’re drafting early 3rd round and take Mixon, then Freeman isn’t making it back to you. In a vacuum is Mixon the no brainer or are you rolling with Royce?


take neither in the 3rd. either grab drake/ any wr there or wait till it comes back in the 4th/5th and grab miller or dion lewis

You might be able to get someone with a better history than either of those 2; I was able to get McKinnon in the third, but in PPR he’s worth more. If those are your best picks, then I like Freeman much more than Mixon - I think Freeman will be a bigger part of the Denver offense than Mixon will be of Cincinatti (A.J.Green, John Ross, Tyler Eifert). I would love Freeman late in the 4th, but his ADP keeps creeping up.

McKinnon has a better history…?

His history in the NFL is backup to Latavius Murray and Matt Asiata. What a joke lol.

Mckinnon finished RB 22 last year compared to Mixon’s RB35. I would say finishing 13 spots ahead of Mixon constitutes a better history. I also like his upside as a pass catching back in a Kyle Shannahan offense.

I think both have RB1 potential if they’re fed and both have someone else in the backfield that the coaches seem to want involved in Booker and Bernard. This preseason, Freeman and the Denver offense has looked better to me and I think the 3 receivers in Denver will open things up more for Freeman than in Cinncinati. I go Freeman.

So we’re just going to ignore the other 4 years of his career where he couldn’t beat out Matt Asiata (no longer employed by an NFL team) or Murray for a starting job despite given every opportunity to? Okay then.

By your logic, Duke Johnson finished as Rb12 in PPR scoring last year. Are you picking Duke Johnson over Devonta Freeman/Jordan Howard?

And his upside as a pass catching back is based on what? His efficiency as a pass catcher is average at best.

Joe Mixon YP catch: 9.6
McKinnon YP catch: 5.0 to 8.3 (his best ever which was last year)

Remind me again how is McKInnon better as a pass catcher? Meanwhile mixon is running routes out wide and out of the slot?

Maybe try looking up some numbers and use some analysis in your arguments rather than just speaking in hyperbole and generic hot takes.

I would monitor how people are drafting. if your league is very RB heavy in the beginning, by the 3rd & 4th rounds, more and more would be reaching for WR/TE which you may be pleasantly surprise Freeman got back to you. I personally would go WR or any 3rd tiered RB with the hope that freeman could come back around. Drafting Freeman in the beginning of the 3rd is like drafting at his ceiling. And I personally would not do that

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Last year Mixon was behind Bernard and Hill so he’ll obviously have more opportunity this year whereas McKinnon had a hard time securing the rb roll to himself last year with all the opportunity. Royce might be in a better offense, I’m leaning Royce here with the potential upside. All three rb’s are pretty similar and can’t go wrong with any.