Joe Mixon or TY Hilton

So I have the 2nd overall pick and in every mock draft I’ve done at the start of the 3rd round going back, Mixon and TY are on the board. Also in almost every mock draft I have zeke and Jordan Howard. Do I go with mixon and have that very solid rb core or take ty to have a receiver?

Are you in a PPR league? How many teams? Format/Starting positions?

All of those could make me change my mind, but if Luck is indeed healthy, I like TY in the 2nd round; he’s got top 5 potential. Mixon is a bit nerve wracking, even with a high ceiling the danger is a low floor.

I’d rather have Mixon than Howard, by a lot, so I’d probably take a WR in the 2nd and then Mixon in the 3rd.

Hilton for me. I don’t love Mixon in a redraft.