Joe Mixon - Sell High?

What are you doing with Joe Mixon after this week? After playing against a weak defense like Indy with Baltimore up next, are you looking to sell?

Everyone is always for sale, for the right price.

But no, I wouldn’t be looking to move him unless there was a great option to get in return. I think he’ll be a weekly RB2 at minimum going forward.

Would you trade hiim for Lev Bell? I think I could weather a few weeks without Bell using Melvin Gordon and Dion Lewis as RB1 & RB2.


I’m assuming the person selling Bell doesn’t have Connor as well. But for me…I feel like I would just decline a straight up trade for Bell. Mixon should be a lock for 25+ touches going forward. I think Le’veon has put himself in a bad spot where even if he comes back, Connor will still see work; I think the Steelers are spiteful like that.

In my opinion, I think if I were to decline the trade and he ended up coming back after a couple weeks, that would be easier to stomach than if I traded away Mixon and I don’t get Bell until week 10.

With all that being said, if you can somehow scoop Bell through this trade and get Connor for cheap somewhere else, do it.