Joe Mixon: Trade for or Stay away?

With Joe Mixon out for a couple of weeks, do you try and trade for him? Any worries with the injury or the procedure?

As a Mixon owner myself, it would take a HEFTY deal to acquire him from me. then again its dependent on your situation. if youre in desperate need of a running back and 0-2 for instance, you cant be trading for Mixon. you need to win weeks, and should be pursuing somebody that will have an immediate impact. but if youre sitting 2-0 and are looking to take your team to the next level, i would be buying Mixon anywhere i can. its all dependent.

that being said Mixon is looking like he is a true bellcow. he was getting the volume on the ground as well as in the air. the weight loss looks like its paying dividends as he looks to have more burst and is shiftier. dudes got soft hands as well. imo hes a locked in RB1 when healthy. hoping he comes back sooner than later. but im planning on being without him for another 3 weeks.

side note: Sony Michel looked good last week coming off the same procedure so hoping the same for Mixon.

Mixon is not someone to stay away from.