Joe Mixon vs Jordan Howard?

So who do you guys like ros? Just because currently I have Jordan Howard and I don’t hate him but don’t love him. And I feel like I could package him and say a josh Reynolds or a jalen Richard to the mixon owner who is desperate for just pieces. But is mixon that much of an upgrade from Howard? Especially this week when mixon is playing Baltimore? Or should I just stick it out with Howard. Reason I’m asking is cuz I need a flex this week and currently I have jalen Richard in there instead of Howard. What do you guys think?

As a Mixon owner…100% Mixon (slightly biased). Also handcuff him with Bernard if you can. CMC and Mixon have the two best playoff schedules.


Mixon is a huge upgrade over Howard if you can somehow get him

Mixon is a huge upgrade, not even close between the two. Mixon is on an offense that is struggling a bit which hurts his value some but he’s still the more talented of the two. Howard has almost become and afterthought to Cohen who has exploded this season leaving little for him. I doubt the Mixon owner will give him up for Howard and a bench piece. You’d need to give a little more than that.

Mixon is an every week start whereas Howard hasn’t been more than a flex. I traded Howard for Tyler Boyd and have been very happy.

I think Howard has good potential ros, but I just traded him too. I have other backs I’m comfortable with and I got TY Hilton paired up with Luck. I really like Howard as a player but Nagy isn’t running the offense through him. Howard is the 4th option on the offense at best, a very good offense, but he hasn’t had one blow up game yet this season. He’ll get consistent work, good flex play, but Mixon is better for sure.