Joe or marshawn

Is it safe to start Mixon or should i go with marshawn??

Is there not a scenario where you could play both? Safe play would be Lynch I think. Hard to know if Mixon will for sure be able to play the entire game coming back off of injury but he has more upside. If you are playing a high scoring team take the upside with Mixon. If you would be better off with some consistency In your matchup go Lynch. Hope this helps.


@Hammond44007 gave sound advice, would have said something to the same effect…

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Give me Mixon. Both come with risks but with Bernard out, don’t really have a choice other than to play Mixon against a league worst run D.

Lynch is going to be playing at LAC as heavy under dogs. Game script won’t be in Oakland’s favor. Avoid playing away underdog RBs who aren’t work horses and who aren’t involved in heavy pass game.

Thanks again guys!!

FYI latest news revealed that they may limit mixon slightly due to his knee. Now I’m not sure if that means same thing as Dalvin COok limited like last week or just that he won’t be getting 80% snaps and gets like 60-65% or something. I’m personally still playing mixon but if you want to play it safer here, wouldn’t blame you for going beastmode.

Played Mixon with no regrets lol, thanks!

Me too although it was looking like I was an idiot after that first half haha. thankfully, the fins were the fins and we all prosper.