Joe Williams vs Zay Jones

Deep fantasy league, standard scoring
In my league you can keep one rookie for an additional year on your rookie team. I am trying to decide between Zay and Joe. Who ever I dont keep for the extra year will be cut from my team. So who should I keep for the extra year and why?

I guess Joe Williams… Mckinnon and Breada currently hurt for SF. Outside shot at starting…

Both are dart throws. I guess I’d lead Jones, but I honestly have not strong feelings either way.

Zay Jones. This is the lesser of two evils to be honest. Essentially the Bills have Benjamin as their top WR otherwise they are scraping the barrel. Zay played okay later on last year and someone has to catch the ball or get open down field for Allen why not Zay.

SF just signed Morris to be the insurance and that says all you need to know about Williams. Also McKinnon is soft tissue calf so not serious and Breida has no structural damage to his shoulder so both will be good week 1.